Macro Sell Signal Made By Chainlink Depois de $15+ Rally Parabólico

Durante os últimos meses, agora, o Chainlink assistiu a um importante comício. Desde o momento em que foi escrito, Chainlink foi avaliado em $15,81. Isto representa um aumento de 11% desde o valor da ficha do líder Defi sete dias antes.

Deve-se notar, no entanto, que o máximo da moeda foi registrado em $20, o que é cerca de 21% menor do que o que está sendo negociado atualmente. Mesmo assim, há uma considerável pressão de alta no mercado para a moeda líder da DeFi.

Sell Signal Looming

A LINK, no entanto, pode estar sujeita a uma reversão muito poderosa, como pode ser visto nos últimos dados de mercado da CoinGecko. Isto se dá por meio de um indicador muito significativo.

O Tom Demark Sequential formou recentemente um „sell 9“ dentro do gráfico mensal da moeda criptográfica LINK. O indicador geralmente imprime „9“ e „13“ velas quando o ativo está em um ponto de inflexão dentro de sua tendência. Com este sinal, o movimento para baixo foi previsto, com a própria moeda vendo uma queda considerável, como está.

O Bitcoin pode afetar o LINK

Isto é digno de nota, no entanto, como é a primeira vez que Tom Demark Sequential dentro da tabela mensal do Chainlink. O que isto significa, é que não há realmente um grande precedente para o qual cair, historicamente falando, como geralmente acontece quando se olha para o gráfico semanal do Ethereum.

Como sempre, pode ser Bitcoin que tem a última palavra quando se trata do movimento de altcoins, em geral.

Os analistas já indicaram como os altcoins começam a ter um desempenho inferior quando a moeda criptográfica original do mundo começa a subir. Isto se deve ao fato da maioria dos investidores concentrarem sua atenção e seu capital nesta principal moeda criptográfica.

Tudo se concentra no BTC

Mohit Sorout se apresenta como sócio fundador da Bitazu Capital, e fez comentários sobre esta declaração em geral. Sprout explicou que os ciclos da maioria das altcoins estão focados principalmente em torno da volatilidade da própria Bitcoin. Uma vez que a volatilidade da Bitcoin seca, os investidores se abstêm de negociar na Bitcoin, o que também mostra em seu volume.

Isto, Sorout afirma tipicamente leva a um grande aumento na especulação da altcoin, o que então faz com que os preços subam. Tipicamente falando, Sorout apontou que altcoins com uma grande escala de comportamento memético e narrativas fortes obtêm o maior volume, no final.

Sem quantidades significativas de demanda de compra, um pico de volatilidade da Bitcoin tipicamente leva os altcoins a sofrerem comícios atrofiados, por sua vez.

Satoshi moved his Bitcoins, Elon Musk says how much he has in Bitcoin and much more

A day like today, but in 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10 thousand bitcoins for 2 family pizzas. Since then, every May 22nd this event is celebrated as the Bitcoin Pizza Day. Beyond being an anecdote that drives us crazy, because it makes us realize the value of these 10 thousand bitcoins today, this event marked a before and after in the history of Bitcoin adoption. Its first commercial transaction. I hope they were at least tasty. I’m talking about the price. God!

Over the years, that anniversary has become the Thanksgiving of all Bitcoiners in the world. What do you do? A Pizza Party! Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day, everyone!

Now, let’s talk about the most popular Kryptonews of the week.

Elon Musk reveals how much Bitcoin he has during a discussion with J.K. Rowling about kryptonau

Every new movement is always looking for celebrity validation. Somehow, the blessing of a celebrity is something we long for. It’s very common to see it in religions or in different causes. And it’s true. Scientology does become more interesting when we know that Nicole Kidman is involved. And of course, when I suddenly think of Natalie Portman, I feel like eating meat. The effect doesn’t last long and it goes away when the roast comes, but it’s proof that celebrities influence everything.

Elon Musk is the futuristic entrepreneur who will take us to Mars. He’s the guy who will make all the things we’ve been dreaming about for decades and so far only see in science fiction movies come true. It would be very hard for us to discover that he’s not a fan of Bitcoin. So, his ambivalent position is somewhat comforting to us. He admits to partially owned by sun, consensus singapore 2020, in partnership with ciphertrace, day of reckoning, sued shrem in september, yuan-based cryptocurrency trading pairs, dissolved its relationship, became an adviser, issued a statement, htc exodus 1 having only 0.25 Bitcoin. But we would like it to be a lie. And we dream of the possibility that one of these days it will be discovered that it’s actually one of the great whales of the system. That would explain her constant flirtation with the Bitcoin community. It was all a game, we’d say, in relief. Elon loves Bitcoin.

However, I think one day, Bitcoin won’t need celebrities. Bitcoin will be bigger than any celebrity. After a certain point, celebrity approval will be irrelevant and will not generate any more headlines.

Did Satoshi just move his coins for the first time in 11 years?

That’s a matter that aroused the curiosity of half the world. A portfolio previously linked to Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, was moved for the first time. The bitcoins in that wallet were mined the first month after launch. Of course, it’s not clear if those bitcoins really belong to Satoshi-san, but it was always assumed that that was the case. We assumed this because we only know of three people who mined during that period, Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney and Martti Malmi. Since Hal died, it is likely that their portfolios are in the hands of their heirs.

What is so desperate about this situation is the mystery. Frankly, that’s what’s killing us here. There’s no reason or little piece of paper that says „Hey, I’m Hal’s daughter and I moved 50 bitcoins.“ „I got them out of there because I’m buying a house in Honolulu.“ But no. The first bitcoiners always make us suffer with their mysteries. Okay, okay, they have a right to privacy. But those addresses are public. And they’re a little bit too small to scratch.

250% in 3 Monaten: Tesla (TSLA) ist jetzt mehr überkauft als Immediate Bitcoin in der Crypto Bubble 2017

Tesla ist zweifellos eines der aufregendsten und innovativsten Unternehmen, die es zu beobachten gilt, insbesondere in den letzten Monaten. Seit Oktober ist der Aktienkurs in die Höhe geschossen und stieg um über 250%. Technische Indikatoren deuten jedoch darauf hin, dass TSLA in der Kryptowährungsblase 2017 derzeit stärker überkauft ist als Bitcoin.

Immediate Bitcoin liefert beeindruckende Leistung

Tesla ist ein bekanntes und innovatives amerikanisches Automobil- und Energieunternehmen mit Sitz in Palo Alto, Kalifornien. Das Immediate Bitcoin Unternehmen ist wie hier auf der Seite auf die Herstellung von Elektroautos und Solarmodulen spezialisiert, hauptsächlich über seine Immediate Bitcoin Tochtergesellschaft SolarCity.

Das Unternehmen wird von dem prominenten Unternehmer Elon Musk geleitet, der es mitbegründet hat und derzeit als Produktarchitekt und CEO fungiert.

In den letzten Monaten sorgte Tesla aufgrund seiner beeindruckenden Performance an der Börse für Schlagzeilen. Die TSLA-Aktien stiegen von rund 250 USD gegen Ende Oktober 2019 auf über 900 USD zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung. Dies ist eine beeindruckende Steigerung von über 250%.

Allein heute stieg der Preis um weitere 16% und erreichte rund 905 USD je Aktie. Einer der Gründe für den jüngsten Anstieg könnte sein, dass Argus Research sein Kursziel für Tesla von 556 USD auf 808 USD angehoben hat , was zu den höchsten an der Wall Street zählt. Es zitierte die soliden Ergebnisse des Unternehmens für das vierte Quartal sowie den steigenden Absatz von Fahrzeugen.

Twitter stellt spezielles Bitcoin-Emoji vor: CEO Jack Dorsey präsentiert stolz sein eigenes Profil

Ein weiterer Schub könnte von der Tatsache herrühren, dass Ark Investment Management auch sein Bewertungsmodell aktualisiert hat, um das Aufwärtspotenzial von Tesla widerzuspiegeln. Nach Angaben des Unternehmens könnte der Wert der Aktie im besten Fall bis 2024 zwischen 7.000 und 15.000 USD je Aktie liegen.


TSLA-Aktie ist überkaufter als Bitcoin

Andererseits näherte sich Teslas Aktie heute, dem 4. Februar, stark überkauften Bedingungen. Zu einem Zeitpunkt des Tages lag der 14-tägige Relative Strength Index (RSI) für den Autohersteller bei 92,5.

Im Dezember 2017, als Bitcoin auf dem Höhepunkt der Kryptowährungsblase war, brach der RSI nicht zusammen 91.

Der RSI-Indikator ist ein Maß für die Größenordnung sowie die Persistenz der Preisbewegungen. Ein Vermögenswert gilt als überkauft, wenn der RSI über 70 liegt, und als überverkauft, wenn er unter 30 liegt.

In Bezug auf die technische Analyse bedeutet ein überkaufter Vermögenswert normalerweise, dass er über seinem inneren Wert gehandelt wird. Dies könnte ein Signal sein, dass der Preis bald korrigiert werden könnte.